SIDI Cycling Shoes

The reason for the stiff sole is the optimal power transfer, and for this reason the road racing shoes are unsuitable for running. But that's not their job. They do however fulfill the job of mountain bike shoes. In the forefoot area they’re not as stiff, so therefore, it makes walking with the off-road model certainly possible, and not only in that terrain. The one-handed operation of cycling shoes should be possible in any case. For this reason, the driver can make the appropriateadjustment on the bicycle shoe from the bike, even during training or competition.

For years, one of the leading brands of the Italian shoe manufacturer is SIDI. The road shoes are absolutely great. They have a very stable sole, are very comfortable from the upper, and therefore fit the foot comfortably.

This is also true for the MTB shoes from SIDI. They have a very good fit, great looks and are also exceptionally light, which doesn’t play an unimportant role in cycling. SIDI shoes are one size smaller, i.e. always try or order one size bigger than you usually wear.

And now a little tip: Whoever needs or wants to walk with the cycling shoes from time to time should fall back on the MTB shoes. The sole is not as stiff but still stable enough that even when you walk on steep road pieces or stone floors, you still have secure stability. In Mallorca, I see a lot of people who do their walks through the hotel with their road cycling shoes. With the MTB cycling shoe, you get a little more rubber under the soles. Not only does it give you a better looking figure, but it provides you with a safe stand;-)

SIDI Radschuhe