Roeckl Gloves

Roeckl ranks among the top glove manufacturers. Cooperation exists with the world elite in cycling, riding, biathlon and cross-country skiing. In close cooperation with top athletes and sports physicians Roeckl developed permanent product innovations.

The human body has contact at three points with the bike: rump, feet, and hands. The more extreme you drive the more important is the weight distribution and all the more important the hands to pull and support. In the worst case, the hands take on intensive contact with Earth.

This has a number of important requirements to the Cycling Glove:
-  Abrasion resistance, even against asphalt at 70 kilometers per hour

- Elasticity and a perfect fit to steer, switch and break at the same time.
- Grip on a variety of materials - from bare aluminum of the handlebars (my tip: it is necessary to wrap handlebars with handlebar-tape!) through various types of rubber from conventional MTB grips and linen-handlebar-tape, to ultra-smooth racing bike plastic- handlebar-tape as it was tremendously hip 15 years ago and is still used today.

- weat-discharging and absorbent

- Easy to put on and take off and good air circulation

Mike mit Handschuh