Conti Tires

Equally important for successful racing as the contact man-machine, is the contact machine-surface. I can’t emphasize this enough: No other material-decision can make you faster than good tires, and nothing can put you in a bad mood faster than bad tires. That's why I've always made sure to use only the best tires - and that is generally acknowledged for many years as Conti.

Conti Reifen

I have sketched my own ideas and Conti has hand-carved me prototypes that we have tested on different surfaces. These tests resulted in such successful mountain bike tires as The Canine, The Premolar, The Navigator Pro and Pro Traction. Rubber mixtures for road tires have also been proposed and tested by me in 2009.

  • Wide wrap-around profile for super-grip at an angle and slope
  • Open, trapezoidal lug for best self-cleaning
  • Better a lot of small than to coarse, large lug to ensure good light running.

Perfect are also the Conti-rubber-mixtures. In particular, the special Conti-silica-sliding-surfaces ensures noticeably better grip than black rubber. Because silica is a little wear-prone, Conti offers each tire - for the Swabians among us - also in conventional form.

At the moment I like to ride on the MTB, a combination of VR and HR Mountain King 2.4 X King 2.4. The advantage of this combination is on the longer safety with the Mountain King on the front wheel i.e. in the thresholdfirst the rear tires slightly goes off and you then still have safety with the front tire and thus, full control.

* Tyre pressure 1.8 bars, depending on substrate
In the last few years I've been driving on the road with the Grand Prix 4 Season 25mm or 25 mm s
* Tire pressure about 6.5 bars, depending on the road conditions and the ambition. When it rains, I use even less than 6 bars tire pressure.
* Touring bikes about 3.5 bars
* This air-pressure-suggestions are based on my weight of 80 kg

Conti Reifen