Casco Helmet

Protect your head, because you have only one. On the road, I have seen falls where the affected ONLY survived because they were wearing a helmet. For this reason, I trust in Casco helmets. It’s not only the security counts but also the ventilation and optics.

The fit can be adjusted at the bottom end of the helmet, ensuring that the helmet sits securely. Without this adjustment, you shouldn’t purchase a helmet. But all the settings do not help when setting up the helmet wrong.

The helmet should sit about two finger-widths above the eyebrows. The chin-neck strap should not be too loose - as these can often be seen by the professionals - but fit tightly at the neck. The helmet should be cleaned regularly, especially in the summer. This can be done with either clean water or shower gel. Salt crusts on the chin-neck strap not only makes a bad impression, but most also have a "very own" smell.
Logically, at my events helmets are required! 

Mike mit Helm