Whoever drives fast, must also from time to time hit the brakes. One thing definitely isn’t true: "Who brakes loses" - On the contrary, we know from Formula 1 racing, only those who hits the brakes late wins.In times when there were no disc brakes for the bike, every mountain biker was struggling with the fact that the brake lining was sanded in no time from the mud on the rim. It became a particular problem by the extremely high pressure that the Magura hydraulic brakes built. A pressure as to date no other rim brake has ever accomplished and that still ensures the legendary Magura brake performance.

Testbericht Bremsen Mike Kluge

By improving a larger lining surface by no means increases the braking force, because it only depends on the proof and the coefficient (tenth grade physics - do you remember?). But a larger lining surface improves the lifetime of the pad enormously. Therefore my former wish to Magura: long pads. Today, it’s still in series and available to everyone.

Equally important to me was to be able to adjust the pad’s distance to the rim at full speed. So the practical, large adjustment screw at the Magura-break-handle also goes back to a wish of mine.

Testbericht über Bremsen von Mike Kluge

From my many years as a pro, I’ve come up with many tips which I’ve gladly forwarded to Magura, to better adapt to their successful brakes on the hard racing practice.

Only onewas unfortunatelynever implemented!

In 1993, I built a HS66 brake lever and a HS22 cross brake by myself for the Cross Championships (see picture. It made me the boss of my bike. I could stop right there where I wanted or needed, whether in rain or snow. No other could do it that had to brake with Cadilever. Unfortunately, at the World Cup, my gear shift turned out fatal and therefore I won just 2nd place at the World Cross Championships in Italy. My brakes  however, were a banger!

For me, the Cadilever brakes are actually dangerous. It's just a shame that Magura has not implemented this wish of mine to this day.
Well, maybe someday it will come out ;-)

Many ask me, what I think about the “latest” Magura RT8 TT. This brake does not make any sense to me.  Known triathletes and time trialists need no super brake deceleration. For them, it is important to stay in the "flow" and not to break hard.