adidas eyewear

adidas eyewear

The eyewear serves not only as a cool look, but especially for safety and security. There must be no unpleasant shear behind the glasses and it must give me the optimal contrast. Everything I can’t see properly and quickly, delays my reaction time and that possibly could blow up in my face.


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SIDI Cycling Shoes

SIDI Radschuhe

The reason for the stiff sole is the optimal power transfer, and for this reason the road racing shoes are unsuitable for running. But that's not their job. They do however fulfill the job of mountain bike shoes. In the forefoot area they’re not as stiff, so therefore, it makes walking with the off-road model certainly possible, and not only in that terrain. The one-handed operation of cycling shoes should be possible in any case. For this reason, the driver can make the appropriateadjustment on the bicycle shoe from the bike, even during training or competition.

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Roeckl Gloves

Mike mit Handschuh

Roeckl ranks among the top glove manufacturers. Cooperation exists with the world elite in cycling, riding, biathlon and cross-country skiing. In close cooperation with top athletes and sports physicians Roeckl developed permanent product innovations.


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Casco Helmet

Mike mit Helm

Protect your head, because you have only one. On the road, I have seen falls where the affected ONLY survived because they were wearing a helmet. For this reason, I trust in Casco helmets. It’s not only the security counts but also the ventilation and optics.


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Conti Tires

Conti Reifen

Equally important for successful racing as the contact man-machine, is the contact machine-surface. I can’t emphasize this enough: No other material-decision can make you faster than good tires, and nothing can put you in a bad mood faster than bad tires. That's why I've always made sure to use only the best tires - and that is generally acknowledged for many years as Conti.

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Testbericht Bremsen Mike Kluge

Whoever drives fast, must also from time to time hit the brakes. One thing definitely isn’t true: "Who brakes loses" - On the contrary, we know from Formula 1 racing, only those who hits the brakes late wins.In times when there were no disc brakes for the bike, every mountain biker was struggling with the fact that the brake lining was sanded in no time from the mud on the rim. It became a particular problem by the extremely high pressure that the Magura hydraulic brakes built. A pressure as to date no other rim brake has ever accomplished and that still ensures the legendary Magura brake performance.

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