Sicherheittipps für E-Bikes

E-Bike-technic for beginer
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Optimally protected with EVOC

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In my humble opinion, the EVOC Bike Travel Bag is the best solution for bicycle transportation. It combines the advantages of a classic hard-shell case and a soft carrying bag. The bag is supported by glass fiber in the front and back as well asplastic pipes in the wheel compartments, not just to stretch, but especially for protection. Through the many grip options you can always find a matching one that has the correct leverage ratio.

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In my 30 years of cycling travel experience with a road bike or mountain bike, the EVOC bike bag has (almost) fulfilled my needs. The size is good because it fits through all airport x-ray machines. It is light and protects optimally.The rollers are very good and easy, but I wished that the rollers were more on the side * and  not protruding backwards.

However, that's not really a problem. When you have space problems on your journey it can be easily furled resp. stored, which would be a problem with a hard protective case. It has difficulty fitting into a car and you may have to dismantle the bike completely. For that to happen, I have neither the time nor the energy.

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Please ensure that the total weight of 32 kg is not exceeded, because of security reasons, the airport personnel may not carry heavier luggage.

I wish you a wonderful and accident free bike-journey, and perhaps even to an event of mine ;).