Thomas Raith Chairman of the Board at Derby Cycle

Jörg Ludewig cycled as a professional for various cycling teams: Bayer Worringen 1999, Saeco 2000 -2004, Domina Vacanze 2005,  T-Mobile 2006 and since the beginning of 2007 for Wiesenhof-felt team. During 2003, 2004 and 2005, Jörg cycled in the Tour de  France. Jörg is now the Head of Sales at CarbonSports GmbH - Lightweight. Jörg will be cycling with Cycling Holidays ME during the Coast2Coast event week so guests will be able to ride with a ‘PRO’ and test Lightweight wheels all week.

lekker Energie GmbH · Martin Ridder

Martin Ridder-ledder Energie GmbH


lekker Energie GmbH
Martin Ridder


"Mike Kluge is especially Mike, just himself - and that's good! Mike is authentic; he radiates his positive winning mentality without seeming false.Anyone dealing with his sporty and entrepreneurial career, feels the long hard training, the desire to succeed and but also noted that Mike was not bitten or is.He is a man, and a very likeable, who knows that you have to work hard, if you want to celebrate victories.A man who does not regret the circumstances, but it simply changes. And that's what he conveys in his interviews, at conferences, on the bike and in person.Many years ago, when he lived in Berlin and trained, he was asked, ifhiscompetitorsdon’thavehimslightly ahead because e.g. southern Germany, which had much better training conditions. His answer has stayed with me to this day in my memory: "Then I go up ten times the Teufelsberg [Note: 115 meter above sea level] up and down, that comes out to the same thing. Everything else is an excuse. "

“Mike is a role model and friend at the same time - you take something from him, just because he knows defeats and stands behind it. You like to listen to him because he has something to tell, because he can credibly convey his attitude. Mike was a great interview partner and is a great sports companion. He is athlete and entrepreneur, trainer and coach.

Thank you and track right “.


Mike Kluge as a speaker at the ELHA OpenHouse Event

Eckhard Siekmann

"Mike Kluge was booked by my agency as a speaker and star guest in an Open House event of my customers, the company ELHA engineering Liemke KG Hovelhof in Hövelhof near Paderborn.Machine builders always have to, like all other sectors and occupational groups, meet new challenges and motivate themselves over and over again. Always to retrieve good performances is nowadays requirement in today's globalized business.Mike Kluge has been able to make it clear where he has taken his motivation and strength as a professional athlete, and every listener could build the bridge to discover for themselves approaches to increase performance and endurance in the profession. I can just highly recommend Mike Kluge in his inspiring manner as a speaker and consultant. Always again! ”

Eckhard Siekmann, CEO of the advertising agency Siekmann GmbH, Lemgo


Hanka Kupfernagel 5x Wolrd Champion

Hanka Kupfernagel

“Through his experience in the various disciplines road, cross, track and MTB – Mike has such a great knowledge, that only a few have. “